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Are you jumping on the trend of throwing a pumpkin carving party?

Friday, October 25, 2019   /   by Lauren McGinnis

Are you jumping on the trend of throwing a pumpkin carving party?

Halloween week is almost upon us, and nothing says Halloween quite like carved pumpkins! Hosting pumpkin carving parties, and even competitions, for family and friends has become a new trend. If you are jumping on board and hosting a party this weekend we have some ideas to help make it fun for everyone!

First we suggest you keep things easy and casual. You are going to get messy when carving and scraping out the pumpkin, so keeping everything light and easy will not only save you time on decorating but also clean up. Set up a few folding tables with disposable table cloths, a few pumpkin carving tools and designs for everyone to use. Top it off with some music and let the pumpkins be the decorations. 

Of course you will want some food to snack on while working, creating a grazing table or buffet with small finger foods will keep everyone happy. Don't spend time making an elaborate meal, keep it simple. Everyone is going to want to focus on why they are there in the first place.... carving the best pumpkin anyone has ever seen! Setting up a buffet will allow your guests to eat when they want, when they want, plus it frees you up from being in the kitchen and will let you join in on the carving. 

The best we can offer is to make sure that your carving station is set up and clearly labeled. Keeping everything in one location will make sure that everyone has what they need and will keep the mess contained. Make sure you have enough room for everyone, if you have a small space then we suggest either setting up teams or a rotation so that everyone can use what they need to create their masterpiece. 

Last but not least, sit back relax and carve away! Enjoy everyone going to work one their pumpkins. If you want a little bit more, you could even turn the party into a competition! Make sure to have fun and take pictures of everyone during the process! Once the pumpkins are carved and you have your display ready snap some pictures and post them to your social media so all of your family, friends, and followers can vote on the winning design! 

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