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Six Home Inspection Myths

Tuesday, November 5, 2019   /   by Brooke Cole

Six Home Inspection Myths

One of the most important steps in purchasing a home is the home inspection!
When you buy, the contract has a written number of days for you to have the home inspected before you decide whether you want to move forward. This home inspection period is crucial. During that time, if you determine you want to back out of the deal, you get your earnest money deposit back!

It's so important to see what a licensed inspector has to say of the house. At The Cole Team, we have a list of trusted inspectors you can use!

However, there are a few myths and misconceptions we hear regarding home inspections.

1. Pass/Fail
An inspector does not pass or fail a home on the inspection. The home inspector's job is to give you a closer look at any issues they might've found while inspecting the home. Once they send you the report on the defects found in the home, it's up to you to decide whether to move forward with the deal or to cancel.

2. Defects and Repairs
Don't assume a seller has to make repairs based on the home inspection. When the inspector informs you of the defects of the house, there's no harm in asking the seller to make repairs. However, in Florida, we operate on as-is contracts. This means, you have gone under contract with the expectation of accepting the house in it's current condition. If you request repairs to be made on the house and the seller says no, you may still back out of the contract (within the inspection period to get your earnest money deposit back) or accept the defects and continue with the purchase. 

3. Value of the Home
The home inspection does not have any say or bearing on the value of the home. The focus of the home inspection is solely to give you an idea of the condition of the home. Only a licensed appraiser can provide the "fair market value" of the property.

4. Up to Code
Only a code inspection can officially tell you if the house is in compliance with set standards. A home inspector is looking for safety or costly defects in the home. A code issue may not necessarily be considered a home inspection defect.

5. New Construction and Home Inspection Necessity
Just because a house is brand spankin' new does not mean it's perfect and without defect. Builders make mistakes or can (hopefully not) cut corners. We recommend a home inspection on EVERY purchase.

6. Termites
While your home inspector may be able to spot termites, that does not mean they are qualified. We recommend buyers get a termite inspection on every purchase. It is only an official termite inspection if it is performed by a pest control company.

Again, "The Cole Team" RE/MAX Realty Group has a list of home inspectors and termite inspectors we work with often and feel comfortable recommending!

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